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There are many accredited, devoted music therapists across the Kansas City metro ready to offer services, network, and provide professional support. Search from our current member list for a desired music therapist.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Become a Member?

Sign up by visiting our “Membership” page, filling your information into the registration form, and paying member dues.

Can I Advertise My Private Practice?

Yes! We have a music therapist directory accessible to the public to promote your business.

How Can I Promote My Private Practice?

When you become a member of KCMMT, you will have the option to have your contact information shared with the public on our directory page.

Can I Talk to Someone About Becoming a Music Therapist?

Absolutely! We have many experienced board certified music therapists with KCMMT who offer opportunities for shadowing for students or prospective students. Visit our Find a Music Therapist directory and reach out to one of our members.

I'm Interested in Using Music Therapy With My Clients.

Thank you for supporting music therapists. Please contact one of our members on our Find a Music Therapist directory, and connect with a music therapist today!