We Believe Music Is A Powerful, Motivational, & Creative Tool For Individual & Community Health Development & Change.

KCMMT Is A Body Of Music Therapists Across The Kansas City Metro Area Working To Promote And Advocate For High-Quality, Credentialed Music Therapy Practice In Our Community.

We encourage and develop music therapists and students through education on the latest evidence-based practices, networking, and provision of career resources. Our passionate music therapy members inspire clients of all demographics and needs towards holistic change through creative and efficacious music interventions and experiences. We strive to connect local individuals with accredited music therapists to foster rich connections for community betterment.

Defining Music Therapy

Music therapy is defined by the American Music Therapy Association as the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. Let’s further explain each part of this definition:

Clinical & Evidence-Based

Music therapy is an established health profession. Music therapists follow a code of ethics and scope of practice to guide how they provide services. Music therapists also use interventions and approaches that have been studied and proven successful at achieving a desired wellness outcome. A substantial amount of research exists supporting the effectiveness of music therapy and can come from publications such as the Journal of Music Therapy or Music Therapy Perspectives.

Accomplish Individualized Goals Within a Therapeutic Relationship

Music therapy is provided differently for each person because it is targeted to the individual. Music therapists can practice in a variety of settings and serve individuals or groups of all age ranges, diagnoses, and levels of ability. Clients receiving services need no musical background or experience to participate. All styles of music may be used in treatment and can be effective in creating change, and the music is selected based on patient needs, goals, and individual preferences. Music therapists develop and maintain rapport, assess a client’s unique strengths and needs, determine applicable goals, create and revise a plan of care, and execute this plan using a variety of evidence-based interventions that can involve creating, listening, singing, or moving to music.

Credentialed Professional Who Has Completed An Approved Program

Music therapy students develop clinical skills over 1200 hours with a variety of populations, complete music therapy coursework and an internship, then sit for an exam to become board certified through the Certification Board for Music Therapists in order to practice music therapy.

In summary, music therapy is the evidence-based use of music for a desired change to improve or maintain a person’s quality of life.

The Benefits of Music Therapy

Music therapy interventions can be designed to address numerous goals across all different areas of wellness. Both healthy individuals and those with active needs or health concerns alike can better from music therapy. Many compelling studies have proven the benefits of music as therapy to improve physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs.








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Our Kansas City Impact

As music therapists in the Kansas City Metro, we strive to build partnerships and connections with individuals and organizations in order to advocate for music therapy and spread knowledge of the benefits of music therapy to members of our community. Our vision is to see more music therapists employed throughout the KC metro, more partnerships built for music therapy referrals, and more opportunities for the public to have access to music therapy services.

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